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Re: RealTek 8139 driver, 2. revision

Hi Eric,

Just curious :-)

Line number 1173 of if_8139.c <revision 3>:

#ifdef CYGPKG_DEVS_ETH_RLTK_8139_SOFTWARE_CACHE_COHERENCY HAL_DCACHE_INVALIDATE(&rltk8139_info->rx_ring[rx_pos], sizeof(cyg_uint32)); #endif

* The 8139 prepends each packet with a 32 bit packet header that
* contains a 16 bit length and 16 bit status field, in little-endian
* byte order.
header = HAL_LE32TOC(*((volatile cyg_uint32 *)CYGARC_UNCACHED_ADDRESS(&rltk8139_info->rx_ring[rx_pos])));

1st line of code:
Invalidates the Dcache line for ?header? info <so that, if someone reads it later on; A Dcache line fill will occur & then read out from the Dcache>.

2nd line of code:
Reads the ?header? info directly from the memory & not the cache. So, even if Dcache line invalidate (1st line of code) is not there; this would work fine. Am I right?

So, is the 1st line (Dcache line invalidate) intended to solve cache coherency problem for later access to header info. from the Dcache. Or am I missing something here?

Thanks & Cheers,

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