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Re: RealTek 8139 driver, 3. revision

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 08:59, Eric Doenges wrote:
> Hi,
> this is the third revision of my 8139 driver, with changes suggested
> and/or supplied by Gary Thomas and Andy Dyer. The differences to the
> second revision are:
> 1. The '_init' function calls cyg_pci_configure_device to take care
>     of platforms where the HAL does not configure PCI devices at
>     startup.
> 2. Used the new 'CYGARC_PCI_DMA_ADDRESS' macro instead of
> 3. Added the use of CYGARC_UNCACHED_ADDRESS for those platforms
>     where this makes sense. Since not all platforms support this
>     (mine doesn't, for instance), also added a
>     in the platform-specific .inl file. If defined, HAL_DCACHE_FLUSH
>     is called after copying data to the transmit buffer, and
>     HAL_DCACHE_INVALIDATE is called before retrieving data from the
>     receive buffer. How to create the buffers so that cache line
>     invalidation does not trash adjacent data structures is left as
>     an exercise to the reader (since it will be platform specific).
> 4. Added a function that dumps 8139 register contents when debugging
>     the driver.

I finally had time to test this with my hardware and it worked just 
fine.  ... now just to get the paperwork, so we can merge it into CVS!

Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

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