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[ECOS] package extractor

[re-post to ecos-patches]

I've written a shell script that generates an .epk file by
extracting pertinent things from $ECOS_REPOSITORY.  I've been
using it to port packages from one source tree to another, and
thought somebody else might find it useful.

You give it a version name and a list of names for packages and
targets which you want placed into a single .epk file.  It
extracts the specified sections from ecos.db and then examines
them to determine which directorys to put into the tarball.
The tarball will be named using the first package/target
specified on the command line.

It's a bit fragile and expects that

 1) ECOS_REPOSITORY to be set

 2) In ecos.db, package and target sections begin with the word
    "package" or "target" in the first column followed by the
    specified name.

 3) These sections end with a lone "}" in the first column.

 4) The "directory" properties of these sections are
 5) Directory paths don't have spaces in them.

Grant Edwards


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