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Re: Updated VNC server

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 02:20, Chris Garry wrote:
> This is an updated version of the VNC server I submitted on 22-Aug-2003.
> It now includes a VncPrintf() function for writing text.
> Also included is a simple test app, vnc-test.elf.

I have a few copyright questions:
* The code in src/vnc-server.c seems to have come from a support 
  template, probably VNC itself.  What is the origin of this code,
  and do you have the rights to redistribute it, and under what
* The "fonts" directory - where did these come from?  None of them
  have copyright claims (or disclaimers).

We'll need to iron these out before I can merge the code into the

Other than these technical details, I like it and want to "publish"
it as soon as possible.


> --
> Chris
> > Attached is the tidied up VNC server, hopefully in a state good enough to be
> > included in the main sources.
> > 
> > It works with either the BSD stack or the lwIP stack - though the BSD stack
> > looks to work much better.
> > 
> > Files:
> > vnc-server.epk
> > This is the VNC server itself, plus keyboard, mouse and screen drivers for
> > MicroWindows.
> > 
> > vnc-server.html_
> > (Needs to rename to vnc-server.html)
> > This is the documentation for the VNC server.  This needs to be placed in the
> > packages\net\vnc_server\current\doc\ directory.  I found that the .epk would
> > not add correctly with the administration tool if this was included when I created
> > the .epk file.
> > 
> > mw-vnc-update.pat
> > Patch file that adds support to MicroWindows for the VNC server.
> > 
> > --
> > Chris Garry
> > Sweeney Design Ltd
> > Cambridge, UK
> >
> > 
Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

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