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Re: Receive available and used space from JFFS2

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 10:07:15AM +0000, wrote:

this adds support for information about used and available space in
JFFS2 (ecos). This information is received via cyg_fs_getinfo(). The
keys for cyg_fs_getinfo() are FS_INFO_FREESIZE and FS_INFO_USEDSIZE.


Hi Dirk

I've taken a look at the patch. Adding those macros to nodelist.h is
the wrong thing to do. They were replaced by variables last
October. I've modified your code to do what i think is the correct
thing. I also added code to the ROMFS to implement getting the the
used and free size of the filesystem.

Please could you test this patch before i commit it. It would also be
nice if you could add support to the RAM and FAT filesystem code.



I've noticed that you used a 32 bit value for returning fs space info, this may
not be such an good idea - check an old discussion about this at .
I think a better way would be to return a structure with free/used space
in blocks + block size. It would also be nice to put the keys (+ common structures)
in a separate file - like it is done with IO config_keys.h.


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