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Re: new memory debug feature

Hi Řyvind

I made a few changes. 

<cyg/kernel/kapi.h> is not needed. In fact i think memalloc is
independant of the kernel, so using this header file would be a bad
idea since it might not exist.

I added a new macro CYG_MEMALLOC_FAIL(size) which is not
conditional. Many of the calls to CYG_MEMALLOC_FAIL_TEST just passed
true, so i decided it was better to have a none conditional version as

Now the problem. I added the missing weak attribute. However, this
causes problems for me. When the option is enabled and a failure
happens, it crashes. All the tests in memalloc package fail
horribly. If i remove the weak attribute they work. 

It looks like a problem with the linker or maybe the compiler. The
image does not contain the cyg_memalloc_alloc_fail function. I've got
binutils and gcc 3.3.4 (Debian) and im testing on synth. 

Could you try this patch on your system and let me know if it


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