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[PATCH] Memec Virtex-II Pro and PowerPC 405 watchdog support

Mind has decided to release its platform support for the Memec Virtex-II
Pro FG456 evaluation board. The required hardware is the evaluation
board, the P160 communications module (with an ethernet PHY, flash,
RS232 connector) and the Memec Linux reference design for the FPGA. The
source of the design can be purchased from Memec, but binary bitstreams
for the Virtex-II Pro P4 and P7 chips are available freely from Mind and
Memec. Note that these hardware requirements are identical to Mind's
Linux port.

Also included is simple support for the PowerPC 405's built-in watchdog.

There are a few potential issues:
- PowerPC 40x support in the tree did not really support another chip
  than the 405GP with on-chip I2C, PCI and UARTs. This was addressed.
  I'm not a CDL wizard, though, and I'm not sure if I did it right.
  In any case, the MOAB platform still seems to build without problems.
- Interrupt support for the PowerPC 40x claims that the TCR register
  cannot be read, and therefore ignores its value. This breaks watchdog
  support. I've also found no proof of this being the case, and it
  certainly is not true on the 405 core on the Virtex-II Pro.
- PowerPC 40x support calls hal_if_init() from hal_variant_init(). The
  one supported target platform, MOAB, does not call hal_if_init() from
  hal_platform_init(). This definitely broke the boot process on one of
  our customer platforms, so I've changed it so that hal_if_init() is
  called from the hal_platform_init() of the MOAB and the Memec V2P.
  I don't have an MOAB to test if I've now broken the PowerPC 405GP

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