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Re: [PATCH] Memec Virtex-II Pro and PowerPC 405 watchdog support

> > > +// This file is part of eCos, the Embedded Configurable Operating System.
> > > +// Copyright (C) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Red Hat, Inc.
> > > +// Copyright (C) 2002, 2004 Mind n.v. <>
> > 
> > When this is committed to anoncvs, this Mind Copyright will have to be
> > removed. 

> That is a problem. Though we may be prepared to assign the copyright
> to the code to someone else, we also want to retain the
> (non-exclusive) copyright and the right to use our code as we see
> fit, as well as a permanent reference to Mind as the original
> contributor.

IANAL. From my understanding of the copyright assigment, this is not
possible. You assign the copyright to RedHat or eCosCentric or
hopefully sometime soon FSF. You have none exclusive rights to use the
code yourself, but you no longer own the copyright. You can put your
name in the contributers section of the header on each file and in the
documentation etc. 

> > > +        cdl_option CYGNUM_IO_SERIAL_POWERPC_MV2P_SERIAL0_BAUD {
> > > +            display       "Baud rate for the Memec Virtex-II/Pro serial port 0 driver"
> > > +            flavor        data
> > > +            legal_values  { 115200 }
> > > +            default_value 115200
> > 
> > Does it only support one fixed baud rate?
> Yes. The UART Lite is a very simple IP implementation of an UART. All
> the communication settings are configured in the design. So for all
> intents and purposes, from the software's point of view, it's been
> configured in the hardware.

Might be nice to actually state this in the description property, so
that people like me don't need to ask :-)


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