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ECOS port to Gameboy Advance with Xport

Hi Andrew.

Regarding the update of the mentioned port to Ecos 2.0, i´ve done the
following steps:

1 - I extracted the relevant trees from the local repository at CharmedLabs
and built an ECOS package (.epk file) containing the  two packages that were
necessary according to the instructions in chapter 2 of the Ecos

2 - I used the configuration tool for my local Ecos 2.0 repository to load
these package. This step was sucessfull, without any error messages from the
Administration tool.

3 - I built and compiled an Ecos configuration for the GBA target using the
kernel package template;

4 - I compiled an example application from CharmedLabs that run two threads
and show their progress on the LCD and linked it to my Ecos 2.0
configuration built in previous step (i just got the warning "Interworking
not enabled" during the link process).

5 - I run this example application and it behaved exactly like when running
with Ecos 1.3.

So, i consider the .epk file including the two packages i built is in
correct order for the Ecos 2.0.

The question now is: What to do next to have these packages available on the
main repository?


Ramiro C. Carvalho.

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