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Re: ECOS port to Gameboy Advance with Xport

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 09:53:33PM -0200, Ramiro C. Carvalho wrote:
> Hi Andrew.
> Regarding the update of the mentioned port to Ecos 2.0, i?ve done the
> following steps:
> 1 - I extracted the relevant trees from the local repository at CharmedLabs
> and built an ECOS package (.epk file) containing the  two packages that were
> necessary according to the instructions in chapter 2 of the Ecos
> documentation.
> 2 - I used the configuration tool for my local Ecos 2.0 repository to load
> these package. This step was sucessfull, without any error messages from the
> Administration tool.

You should of uses anoncvs instead of eCos 2.0. There has been some
changes, so there is a slight chance it does not work.  Please run
your test against anoncvs. I also suggest you try runing the test
program tm_basic which is part of the kernel packages. Its a pritty
good all round test for a port.

> The question now is: What to do next to have these packages available on the
> main repository?

When you are happy they work with anoncvs email them to
ecos-patches. I will then take a look at the source code.


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