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Re: eCos jffs2 garbage collection thread + fix

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 12:40:55AM +0100, Per Hedblom wrote:
> Hi,
> I have spent some time implementing the garbage collect thread for jffs2 in
> eCos. I publish this as a version that is more complete than the current
> gcthread.c without promising anything more. It seams to work under the synt
> target tested with low, the same, and higher priority than a file system
> test thread. One major question is if the locking of the icache is correct.

We received the copyright assignment. Thanks. Do you have time to
change the Patch to use filesystem locking instread of locking the
inode cache?

> I also publish my temporary fix for a previously reported problem with the
> garbage collection. (jffs2_write_fix). This fix is needed if garbage
> collection hits the erase block that the "write" is currently appending data
> to. Jffs2 will otherwise report BUG in gc.c on line 1161.
> It's a workaround for the problem until someone can find the correct
> solution.

Do you have any more ideas about this?


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