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Re: I2C doc rx commands fix

Sorry for the delay in getting this checked in. While testing the
changes I ran into a strange problem which turned out to be not
directly related to the i2c code, but took a while to track down.

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Korsgaard <> writes:
    Peter> The following patch corrects the prototypes for the
    Peter> cyg_i2c_tx, cyg_i2c_transaction_tx and xyzzy_i2c_rx
    Peter> functions and the usage of CYG_I2C_DEVICE in the I2C
    Peter> documentation.

Applied. There was also a missing send_nack argument to the device
driver rx function so that is now fixed as well.

    Peter> The following patch renames the cyg_i2c_stop function to
    Peter> cyg_i2c_transaction_stop to match the prototype in i2c.h.

Applied. As discussed I have also added a CYG_HAL_TABLE_TYPE to the
bus data structure.

    Peter> The following patch corrects a typo in the I2C DEBUG()
    Peter> macro.


Thanks for these fixes.


Bart Veer                       eCos Configuration Architect     The eCos and RedBoot experts

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