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another wakep call

Hi there

It seems not really much work to forward a bug-report email.
But obviously more than you want to invest (see email below).
I will not spend my time to report in detail if noone takes 
interest of errors which are plain to see and which take no 
time to correct. If you want to know more details just email

Regards, N. Peschel


is buggy, access to the linked timeout list *does* need a mutex to 
prevent circular lists and such. whenever you have a echo reply 
timeout you leave a timeout on that timeoutlist. So if you have 
"collected" enough old timeouts the dialin will be shutdown imme-
diately after a new dialin. I solved the problem flushing that
list before each dialin. That works fine with about 5000 checked 


uses a return value of a function which can return -1 as an index
on top level.

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Norbert Peschel 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2005 16:04
An: ''
Betreff: patch hints

Hi, I guess I found a few issues:


	if (newp->c_time.tv_sec < p->c_time.tv_sec
	    || (newp->c_time.tv_sec == p->c_time.tv_sec
		&& newp->c_time.tv_usec < p->c_time.tv_sec))

I assume you rather wanted compare usec with usec in the last line?!



#define min(x,y) (x<y?x:y)
#define max(x,y) (x<y?y:x)

lacking brackets around the arguments these macros result potentially in wrong code.


Hope this helps a bit, great software

kind regards, Norbert Peschel

Norbert Peschel
Conergy AG
Anckelmannsplatz 1
D 20537 Hamburg
Tel +49 40 237102 198
Fax +49 40 237 102 148

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