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Re: New port to ColdFire

 >-- Original Message --
 >Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 12:33:34 +0100
 >To: ....................
 >Subject: Re: New port to ColdFire
 >From: "Andrew Lunn" <...>
 >On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 07:01:50PM +0100, Enrico Piria wrote:
 >> Hello everyone.
 >> I completely rewrote the port to the Freescale ColdFire architecture.
 >I've taken a quick look at this. Overall it looks good.
 >I'm not too sure about the location of the diag tty driver,
 >hal_diag.c. You have it in m5272c3 platform level. However the serial
 >ports are part of the chip, so i would of expected the serial driver
 >support to be in the variant HAL. Could you explain why you put it in
 >the platform.

Attached is a patch that moves the diagnostic output code to the
processor variant level, and makes some minor fixes.
Apply the patch to the code found in:


Enrico Piria

After I sent the patch, I discovered it was harmed someway. I'm sending it again as a gzip file. Sorry for the inconvenient.


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