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Enable RedBoot to load images direct to flash, create FIS entrys whitout RAM...

In microcontroller whit smal RAM's can't load hole images in the RAM...

So RedBoot need's to be able to write images direct to flash, and run it direct in the flash... This patch will allow the RedBoot load-command to write imgaes direct to the flash, create FIS-entrys from the writen images and "load" images from flash (set the entry address for the go-command)...


Set the CDL option CYGSEM_REDBOOT_FLASH_LOADS and make a RedBoot-image.

Use "load -f -m xmodem" (if RAM-validation is enabled) or "load -m xmodem" (otherwise) whit all possible option's to load images direct to flash.

Use then "fis create -o flash_chaes" to create an image-entry whit the name "flash_chaes".

Later after a few reset's use "fis load -o flash_chaes" to load the entry address of the image again. After that, the go-command will start the image "flash_chaes" direct in the flash...

There are two additional patches: flash_init(printf) shold be able to change the diag-print-function at runtime. Otherwise "flash.c" will write to the host, if the load-command works on the same channel, like the download...

RedBoot should test his memory-workspace via an ASSERT()...

Oliver Munz

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