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AW: next try: failsafe update in redboot


> Von:
> []Im Auftrag von 
> Neundorf, Alexander
> Hi,
> maybe you remember, I still have the patches for the 
> redundant FIS for Redboot, VV and filesystem around. 
> All at once it probably a bit much, smaller parts a maybe 
> easier to get in a shape so that they can be committed.
> Attached you can find the patch which adds support for a 
> redundant FIS table to Redboot. Two FIS tables are stored in 
> two blocks of the flash, with each update of the FIS table 
> the active table switches. To find the valid table, it 
> features a version count, which is increased with each 
> update. This version count is stored in the first entry of 
> the FIS table, which has for this prupose a special name 
> (".FisValid"). The remaining bytes are used for a validity 
> flag (2 bytes) and 4 bytes for the version count.
> What do you think ? Are there still problems ? Can it be 
> committed as it is ?

Any comments on this ?
We can discuss about the VV interface and the "user space" API later, this patch isn't affected by them. The patch in the previous mail implements the complete handling of the two redundant FIS blocks in redboot, including creating them correctly when using the commands on the redboot prompt.


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