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AW: next try: failsafe update in redboot


> Von: Andrew Lunn []
> Sorry, but this work is low on my list of priorities. There is an
> AT91SAM7S port and a ColdFire port i want to get incorperated, plus a
> few other set of patches to work on. 

Just out of interest, are you actually the only taking care of such patches ?
> My feeling is that your set of patches will need more time than i have
> available at the moment. I'm also not keen on including just the
> Redboot side of things without the "userspace" parts as well. The two
> go together. The last time i looked at the "userspace" parts it needed
> a lot of work.

This might be true.
That's why I'd like to proceed with smaller steps, this is less work and time for me. Keeping the patches always current against current cvs is quite some work.

I'd suggest the following three steps:
1) redboot
2) VV interface + low level API 
3) RO filesystem implementation

While it would be nice to have all three items in as soon as possible, having the redboot part in is by far the most important part for us. Items 2 and 3 can as long as we haven't reached consensus yet also do done in our application.


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