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Re: LPC2XXX interrupt_acknowledge


Thank you for this commit. I have an eCos newbie question.

I have looked var_misc.c sources for other ARM platforms. Most of them
usually has call hal_plf_hardware_init() after the hal_if_init() call in
the hal_hardware_init() epilogue. So, the platform layer has point for an
additional hardware initializing in C. Sorry, but LPC2XXX variant init
(in the lpc2xxx_misc.c) have no such a call. Therefore, we have one
point for the early hardware initializing in the hal_platform_setup.h
for the evolution boards (in assembler only). There is no other point
for the hardware initializing in the lpc2xxx platforms.

For example, I'd wanted to re-initialize the LPC22XX pin select register
(PINSEL1) in the cyg_start body and I'd got an exception. So, I'd needed
edit the hal_platform_setup.h again, re-built libtarget.a to pass any
test-purpose initializing in assembler. It isn't good manner.

My question is: Is it possible enter two external calls for the LPC2XXX
hal_hardware_init()? They are hal_plf_hardware_init and hal_plf_if_init.
And what about `weak' declaration for these functions?

Thank you for a patient,

Sergei Gavrikov

> I've committed the fixed patch.
>         Thanks
>                 Andrew

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