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[Bug 1000280] New: New port: Freescale MAC7100 Variant, Freescale ESCI serial driver

           Summary: New port: Freescale MAC7100 Variant, Freescale ESCI
                    serial driver
           Product: eCos
           Version: CVS
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: normal
         Component: Patches and contributions

Variant port: Freescale MAC7100 familly (ARM7TDMI Big Endian)
Platform port: MACE1 evaluation board
Serial driver: Freescale ESCI (Enhanced Serial Communiaction Interface)

Prerequisites: GCC with ARM big endian support

Port is built with arm-elf-gcc Ver: 3.2.1 (prepared for big endian support) and
tested on MACE1 evaluation board (MAC7121)


	* ecos.db: Add Freescale MAC7100 variant, SIvA MACE1 platform
	and Freescale ESCI serial driver

	* cdl/hal_arm_mac7100.cdl:
	* include/hal_cache.h: 
	* include/hal_diag.h: 
	* include/mac7100_misc.h: 
	* include/plf_stub.h: unchanged, just copied
	* include/var_arch.h:
	* include/var_io.h:	
	* src/flash_security.S:
	* src/hal_diag.c:
	* src/mac7100_misc.c

	* cdl/hal_arm_mac7100_mace1.cdl: 
	* include/plf_io.h:
	* include/hal_platform_ints.h: 
	* include/hal_platform_setup.h: 
	* include/mace1_misc.h:
	* include/pkgconf/mlt_arm_mac7100_mace1_rom.ldi: 
	* include/pkgconf/mlt_arm_mac7100_mace1_rom.h: 
	* src/mace1_misc.c:
	* cdl/ser_freescale_esci.cdl:
	* include/ser_esci.h: 
	* src/ser_esci.c

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