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[Bug 1000280] New port: Freescale MAC7100 Variant, Freescale ESCI serial driver changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|UNCONFIRMED                 |ASSIGNED
     Ever Confirmed|0                           |1

------- Additional Comments From  2006-05-27 14:15 -------
In hal_arm_mac7100.cdl you have:

   requires { CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL_DEVICES == 1 }

Why? Is this just left over from debugging? Can i remove it?

You have the base addresses and interrupts of the serial devices in CDL. This is
not normal. They are normally in var_io.h or plf_io.h. What is the reason you
did it this way?

Please could you add some documentation to flash_security.S. It is not clear
what this file does from reading its contents, and seeing words like "backdoor"
is not good for a maintainer!

The var HAL code should not call mace1 specific functions. How you have debug
code in hal_IRQ_handler which does. This code needs removing, or you need to us
a generic LED function which all MAC7100 have to implement.

In a couple of places i found the name MACE0. How is this related to MACE1?
Should all the MACE0 be changed to MACE1?

_led_init: Why do you have all the strh commands? If there is a real reason for
this a comment would be good.

The CDL code contains ROM,RAM & ROMRAM startup types. But you only have ROM
linker files etc. Please add the missing files, or remove the unused CDL.

I suggest moving the serial port driver header file into /cyg/dev/ser_esci.h

Please supply patches to the existing code, not a complete new patch. I've made
some changes which i want to keep and using patches makes this possible. 

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