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Re: USB 2.0

Fuchs, Torsten wrote:

i have added support for USB 2.0 to the ecos usb packages, in detail:

That sounds like a very useful patch. If we are to include this in eCos, we will need a copyright assignment, which is part of the standard procedure. You can read more about this at which includes the relevant forms. Your colleague Alexander completed one for himself a while back, so Jenoptik have been through this already.

Sorry about the bureaucracy, but it is important.

- added device qualifier and other speed configuration descriptor
- added defines for testmodes

- usbs_enumeration_data has new members for other speed configurations and high- and full speed endpoints
- usbs_control_endpoint has new or different members: - speed of the requested descriptors
- state_change_fn receives a new parameter: current speed
- current_speed stores the current usb speed
- current_packet_size stores the maximum packet size allowed for the current_speed
- extensions to the endpoints:
- endopints have a new member index (their usb index)
- new member end_packet says if the driver shall end the packet. If the packet size is a multiple of the max packet size, and end_packet is set, no zero length packet is
sent or expected. So packets can be sent or received in multiple portions (e.g. 12000 bytes in a portion of 8192 bytes (end_packet = 0) and an other of 3808
(with end_packet = 1). This reduces the neccessary buffer size in the application.
- enable_dma says if the driver shall use DMA for the respective endpoint.
- pointer to a function that shall be called from a dsr (e.g. to handle a switch to thread context)

The problem might be, that since some members and function declarations changed, old code is not compatible and needs to be updated.

Unfortunately I don't have much of an idea myself on how easy or not it would be to have a stab at updating the existing drivers to this new interface. It would certainly be very desirable.

Regardless, would it make sense to add a CDL configuration option to control USB 2 specific changes? Could people still want to be able to provide a USB 1 only device?

I think the details of reviewing the patch will need to be handled by someone more familiar with the USB code. Bart? Andrew? Care to volunteer?

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