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Re: Moving AUX_CHANNELS, NUM_CHANNELS logic into platform hal

On Sat, 2006-11-25 at 16:14 -0700, Gary Thomas wrote:
> David Fernandez wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > This patch moves a conflicting logic to define
> > CYGNUM_HAL_VIRTUAL_VECTOR_NUM_CHANNELS, that was being defined in
> > redboot.h and in hal_if.c; to the platform hal, and implemented in a
> > more general way, that allows more modules to increase the number of
> > channels.
> Can you explain the purpose of this change more fully?  e.g. how does
> it differ than just expanding on CYGNUM_HAL_VIRTUAL_VECTOR_COMM_CHANNELS
> within the platform HAL (the way it's been done on a number of HALs)?
The purpose is to replace the #define
define was in two places (hal_if.c and redboot.h), which causes a
warning in hal_if.c itself; besides, it seems more appropriate to put
that definition in the platform hal cdl, like COMM_CHANNELS is, making
it a hal wide macro, and not a local define here and there.

At the moment I've only seen that NUM_CHANNELS macro to be used by
RedBoot when enabling networking in it; but that other way, it could be
used by other modules that could benefit from the same mechanism present
in hal_if.c (hal/common).

Instead of making the RedBoot networking option to do a "puts" with the
AUX_CHANNELS macro, it does now a "implements" command on AUX_CHANNELS,
that becomes a interface; then NUM_CHANNELS becomes an option that
augments COMM_CHANNELS with a "calculated" value. Is the same thing done
in the #defines in redboot.h and hal_if.c, but it seems more general and
less redundant.

David Fernandez.

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