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David Fernandez wrote:
On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 05:15 -0700, Gary Thomas wrote:
David Fernandez wrote:
Hi there,

I'was about to use the feature CYGSEM_REDBOOT_NETWORK_INIT_ONE_DEVICE,
and I've noticed that may be it doesn't work as per the description in
the cdl option:

It says that it should stop initializing network devices as soon as one
is initialized successfully. But it seems that the initialization logic
for a default interface has someway confused the things.

It tries to initialize the default interface, but if it fails, then it
seems to initialize all of them... I think there should be a break
statement within the "if (t->init())" block (net_io.c: net_init()) if
this options is active and enabled.

May be the we can get rid of CYGSEM_REDBOOT_FLASH_CONFIG condition in
CYGDAT_REDBOOT_DEFAULT_NETWORK_DEVICE (doing the appropriate changes in
net_io.c: net_init()), so we could provide a default interface if there
is no flash configured.

Anybody thinks a patch to change all this is interesting?
Propose one and explain why it's useful. Then we can discuss it.

Well, my point was, having explained what the patch would do, discuss if you think it is worth or convenient BEFORE implementing it. Mainly because I'm thinking there is a bug in the code and, may be, you don't see any bug at all...

That way I won't pollute with bogus patches...
Patches (and the discussion surrounding them) should be sent to:

A patch is much better than "I don't think it's right". We can then discuss on equal terms and decide if there is really a bug or whatever.

Please address your replies to the list(s) - private email is only for
my contract customers.

Gary Thomas                 |  Consulting for the
MLB Associates              |    Embedded world

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