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Re: PHYTEC Phycore LPC2294 basic port


I'm working with my employer to get the assignment. It might take some
time until they review the documents. I'll let you know when I have


On 12/18/06, Jonathan Larmour <> wrote: wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is a patch for a PHYTEC Phycore LPC2294 port and PHYCORE LPC2294
> SMSC LAN91C111 ethernet driver.
> It is based on lpc2xxx work done by Jani Monoses.
> I've only tested the RAM version and the ethernet support with lwip. I
> don't have yet support for any of the peripherals on this board except
> the ethernet port.
> It also contains some rather nasty looking workarounds caused by
> hardware bugs.

Thanks for contributing! To be able to get this into the master eCos
sources, it is part of our procedure to obtain a copyright assignment in
order for us to defend copyright and the eCos license in future. Can you
have a read of and fill
in the form at please? You will
probably need to get your employer to sign the disclaimer too.

That would be great, thanks.

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