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Re: LPC2xxx CAN driver improvements (Alexey Shusharin)

Hello Andrew,

the Olimex LPC-E2294 target and LPC-H2294 target use this driver. They are available here:

At the moment both HALs are not in the public eCos tree (because of an open copyright assignment - it's always the same ;o) I already contacted Sergei Gavrikov and I hope he will provide a copyright assignment soon - hello Sergei - how about your copyright assignment? As soon as he provides a copyright assignment and his LPC platform ports I will provide the patches for integrating the CAN driver into these targets.

The platform need to provide some clock information an baudrate initialisation. Therefore the compilation may fail for the p2106.

Would you please add the driver to the public eCos tree - so that people can contribute their patches directly to the eCos tree instead of providing patches to me.

Kind regards,


Andrew Lunn schrieb:
On Sat, Jul 07, 2007 at 11:50:32AM +0200, wrote:

I received a patch from Alexey Shusharin for LPC2xxx CAN driver. I
checked the patch, did some small modifications, created the
changelog entries and attached it. This is what Alexey wrote about
this patch:

Hi Uwe

Im checking over this patch ready to commit it. However i don't see
any target which uses the LPC2xxx CAN package. I tried adding it to
the p2106 but that failed to compile.

Is there any target in anoncvs is can do compilation tests with?


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