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Re: LPC2xxx CAN driver improvements (Alexey Shusharin)

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 07:13:01AM +0200, Uwe Kindler wrote:
> Hello Andrew,
> the Olimex LPC-E2294 target and LPC-H2294 target use this driver. They 
> are available here:
> At the moment both HALs are not in the public eCos tree (because of an 
> open copyright assignment - it's always the same ;o) I already contacted 
> Sergei Gavrikov and I hope he will provide a copyright assignment soon - 
> hello Sergei - how about your copyright assignment? As soon as he 
> provides a copyright assignment and his LPC platform ports I will 
> provide the patches for integrating the CAN driver into these targets.
> The platform need to provide some clock information an baudrate 
> initialisation. Therefore the compilation may fail for the p2106.
> Would you please add the driver to the public eCos tree - so that people 
> can contribute their patches directly to the eCos tree instead of 
> providing patches to me.
> Kind regards,
> Uwe
> Andrew Lunn schrieb:
> >On Sat, Jul 07, 2007 at 11:50:32AM +0200, wrote:
> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>I received a patch from Alexey Shusharin for LPC2xxx CAN driver. I
> >>checked the patch, did some small modifications, created the
> >>changelog entries and attached it. This is what Alexey wrote about
> >>this patch:
> >
> >Hi Uwe
> >
> >Im checking over this patch ready to commit it. However i don't see
> >any target which uses the LPC2xxx CAN package. I tried adding it to
> >the p2106 but that failed to compile.
> >
> >Is there any target in anoncvs is can do compilation tests with?
> >
> >   Thanks
> >        Andrew

Hello guys!

You had done hard, but, great work! I brief wc'ount your code. There are
more than 5 thousand lines of code in the LPC2XXX CAN driver.
Certainly, 'wc' didn't reject the copyright headers :). All three my
those common HALs for the Olimex LPC-{E,H,L}2294 boards together have
the less lines of code than your CAN driver has! My HALs are dated
08/2006.  So, I'm very sorry that I had could not get the disclaimer
from my employer till 07/2007. That (my ports) was done just for fun and
in those days I did use my own 2-3 weekends for that. So far, I have no
time to expand the Olimex LPC-X2294 HAL's stuff. I'm sorry.

I did think that Uwe has got the eCos copyright assignmend and Uwe has
got the LPC-E2294 (Rev. B) hardware, well, and I have got LPC-E2294 Rev.
A hardware. So, you, Uwe would send to ecos-patches own code for Olimex
LPC-E2294 Rev. B HAL. Just remove any spurious parts from my elder HAL
(I see just one thing, IMHO, that is the LCD driver in plf_misc.c), and
I known that the plf HAL's CDL and plf setup are trivial things for you,

1) The Rev. B hardware doesn't need itself in that my CS8900A patch at
all; 2) the Rev. B hardware has the different Ethernet and FLASH parts;
3) and at the end, in those days I didn't overload my HAL platform
startup by init section for CAN ports on the LPC-E2294 board (yours).
So, 4) the LPC-E2294 (Rev. B) hardware is a whole NEW hardware! Feel
free to send your own stuff to the ecos-patches.

It's seriosly, Uwe, if you have a weekend to fulfil such a work, please,
do it and send your own HAL for the ecos-patches, because I cannot
promise that I get the disclaimer in near days from employer (they even
don't known about my hobby :)

Kind regards,


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