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Re: misc athttpd fixes

> Thanks, chunk 3 of the http.c changes did not apply, but since these are
> apparently only white space changes anyway, that's no problem.

Yeah. Don't know why Eclipse created that section, but it effectively
was a no-op
so I didn't try to mess with it.

> Are you sure about that example? Maybe Jim's implementation of Tcl is
> different from normal Tcl, but it doesn't look right to me. Fair enough if
> you have tried it. I think the example could probably be simpler (and not
> require needing space in memory for twice the whole file), but I'm not in a
> position to check anything myself, so I'll have to leave that for you or
> others to improve if it can be.

I'm working on athttpd now. We need file upload for it to be used in
the product. Hoping that
my stab at implementing it works soonish. W.r.t. resources usage,
security, etc. there are
*LOTS* of issues with athttpd. As far as I can tell, it is suitable
for controlling devices in a
safe LAN environment, but I sure would not put it out on the net! :-)

Øyvind Harboe - eCos ARM & FPGA  developer kit

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