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Re: misc athttpd fixes

> Thanks for your efforts to improve ATHTTPD stuff. Excuse me, but my
> heart was broken when I saw your hello world example in latest eCos
> documentation. I have the Jonathan's concern too.

My hello world example has the redeeming feature that it was the
*only* attempt at a hello world in the athttpd docs. ;-)

I started learning Tcl two days ago and I shall be happy to step down
in favour of anyone who have more than 1 hour of tcl experience.  This
is open source, anyone is most welcome to have a go!

> 2) Why did you use the semicolons everywhere? (Tcl != C)

No habla tcl. I pretty much hate the language(a lot of programmers do,
check out ecos-discuss for some tcl popularity votes), but admit it's
compactness, expediency and sick elegance. Since it did the trick
nicely for athttpd I'll probably see more of it in the future. :-)

> I did play with ATHTTPD+Jim a while ago and I cannot test this just
> now.  Can you test the same code? Would you like to clean up or rename
> that doc section?

I'm working on file upload for athttpd and I'm hoping that someone
will step up to the tcl documenting challenge. As you have pointed
out, it's not a great challenge to better me!

Øyvind Harboe - eCos ARM & FPGA  developer kit

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