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Re: memjoin.inl tripwires

On Dec 21, 2007 5:32 PM, Jonathan Larmour <> wrote:
> Øyvind Harboe wrote:
> > I duplicated memjoin.inl and modified it for my own needs. Attached are
> > some backported, untested, changes in case someone feels the urge
> > to test & report on them.
> You are using a system with more than 255 memory pools?

No. Two.

> If it's just a case of "what if", then I can just add an assert in instead.

The code is broken for two pools.

> The rest of the patch is ok (although the changelog does not reflect the
> other changes) and I'll commit it if you can confirm there really is a
> demand for >255 pools!

byte arithmetic is *slower* than cpu word length. Why use anything
but the natural width arithmetic?

> Jifl
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Øyvind Harboe - eCos ARM & FPGA  developer kit

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