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AT91 HAL, AT91 USB, AT91 flash and USB-serial patches

These patches mostly contain modifications needed to run eCos on Atmel
There were many extra space characters at the end of the lines and my
editor stripped them, so I ignored whitespace differences for diffing.

* HAL:
I added SAM7SE PIO, PMC, EBI definitions, macros for accessing PWM
channels with index, definitions for chips with second embedded flash
controller (AT91SAM7__512).

* flash:
Support for AT91SAM7SE. Partial support for chips with second embedded
flash controller (recognize chip and ability to write the first
controller). Support for detecting correct flash size for chips with
both ROM and flash (like SAM7SE, the flash size is contained in the
second NVM size register because the first contains ROM size).

* USB:
Support for SAM7SE (has internal pullup), SAM7X.
The extra endpoints have definitions everywhere in the sources, but I
haven't included an option in the CDL to enable devtab entries these
for endpoints. There is an issue if the larger FIFO (64 instead of 8)
for endpoint 0 in AT91SAM7SE is enabled, see this thread:
Not enabling the 64 byte size FIFO is a temporary solution (but enough
for control endpoints), I will fix it later.

* USB Serial:
Added an option to select whether the device is self powered or bus
powered, and an option to change reported current consumption.

Gábor Török

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