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Re: Large patch to merge in changes for gcc 4.3 wrote:
> Jonathan Larmour wrote:
>> The attached patch is a merge of changes from eCosCentric's internal tree
>> to anoncvs, in order to support updated tools based on GCC 4.3.2. We have
>> these updated tools stable, and this patch is the precursor to announcing
>> the availability of the tools for wider testing.
> Do you know if this patch also fixes debugging synth binaries with gdb
> 6.8 on Debian/Ubuntu, which were compiled with a new 4.x toolchain?

This patch wouldn't change anything there, sorry.

> Is there internal discussion about moving to another VCS? I think most
> of the community would agree.

It was discussed on ecos-discuss, and it will happen, but only after eCos
3.0 is out of the way.

There was still discussion on what would be better (SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar
was also mentioned). That's a discussion to continue later :-).


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