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Re: ECOS Cortex-M STM32 wallclock driver

Nick Garnett schrieb:
"" <> writes:

As promised, here a first version of a STM32 wallclock driver, tested
in all clock configurations. I will implement more features in the
future, things like preserving the RTC on reset, setting alarms
etc. But for now this works great as a normal wallclock.

Checked in. I have written ChangeLog entries for the stm32/var HAL
changes and to ecos.db.

Will do that in the future ...

Thinking about it after having done the checkin, I'm not entirely
happy with the naming of CYGHWR_HAL_STM32_BD_UNPROTECT() and hal_stm32_bd_unprotect(). The un... parts could be a little confusing
and the sense of things seems wrong. I would be happier with
CYGHWR_HAL_STM32_BD_PROTECT() and hal_stm32_bd_protect() with a
matching inversion of the meaning of the argument. It is probably not
worth worrying about immediately, but is something that might need to
change in the future.

I see your point, I'll change that tomorrow.

Best regards

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