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Flash v2 merge

As promised by eCosCentric, I am committing a merge of the flash v2 branch
to the trunk. With this change, the flash v2 branch can be considered obsolete.

This merge includes many fixes and improvements, not just those from the
flash v2 branch. As well as updating eCosCentric's v2 AMD AM29xxxxx flash
driver, we (eCosCentric) are contributing a v2 Intel Strataflash driver in
the same mould, with an instantiation for IXDP425 as an example. Very
significantly, we are including the flash-specific portions of
eCosCentric's RedBoot source base, which has the v2 API already merged, as
well as other improvements and many fixes.

ChangeLogs have mostly been merged in correct date order. I have had to
reapply various changes from the flash v2 branch because they would not
apply cleanly, or be incomplete, due to changes in the trunk.

The eCosCentric code has (naturally :-)) been extremely well tested.
However this merge effort, while including that code, has had very little
testing, and that's important because it hasn't been a straightforward copy
- I've had to adapt changes for various reasons in places. Some things were
merged by script, but unfortunately many by hand. Both have (different)
risks. Obviously I cannot test every platform and flash driver for example.
I fully expect teething problems.

I will note that even with eCosCentric's code base, there remain design
limitations with RedBoot's handling of multiple flash devices. Really, it
needs a rewrite. That being said, with the improvements in eCosCentric's
code, it works for the vast majority of people in practice.

The full set of patches and changes is 773k so I am breaking it into portions.

eCosCentric Limited     The eCos experts
Barnwell House, Barnwell Drive, Cambridge, UK.       Tel: +44 1223 245571
Registered in England and Wales: Reg No 4422071.
------["Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere"]------       Opinions==mine

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