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Alpha release eCos NAND Flash, eCos YAFFS

Last time I visited a conference, everybody spoke about 'Release early, release often'.

Here comes an alpha release of the eCos NAND Flash library and the eCos YAFFS wrapper library (r536 of our repository).

To note:
- documentation in packages/io/flash_nand/current/doc/ and packages/fs/yaffs/current/doc/
- it has been tested on a BlackFin with on-board NAND Flash controller, and one ST-Micro chip;
- it has survived some long tests on the YAFFS file system;
- if you want to use it, you will need to implement the device-specific code for your NAND Flash controller. I bundle a template for such a device that uses GPIO pins (packages/devs/flash/nfc_gpio); you will also need to generate a little bit of NAND chip-specific code;
- a recent YAFFS checkout is bundled too in the tar; if this is converted into a regular eCos package, the YAFFS code proper will go so users must download YAFFS code separately. Cause: licensing issues;
- the code still has many debug prints (diag_printf) which will have to go in beta or stable releases

ecos.db append:
NAND flash package:
YAFFS wrappers and YAFFS source:

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Rutger Hofman
VU Amsterdam

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