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Re: New M25Pxx SPI Flash driver.

Chris Holgate <> writes:

> Attached is a patch which adds the M25Pxx SPI flash driver.  I've placed
> the driver in devs/flash/spi because even though it only currently
> supports the Numonyx devices, it should also work with Atmel's AT25DFxx
> series and any other compatibles that are out there.  However, I didn't
> want to add the Atmel device definitions until the driver has been
> properly tested against them.
> Headers should be up to date with the new FSF copyright notice and I've
> included the ChangeLog files this time ;-)

Thanks, checked in.

I changed the name of the CDL file, I think it makes more sense to
call it flash_m25pxx.cdl rather than just m25pxx.cdl.

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