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[Bug 1000740] Public Domain Curses for eCos

Sergei Gavrikov <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Sergei Gavrikov <>  2009-04-28 13:32:43 ---

I hope that now the PDCurses package can be a useful stuff for any eCos target
which has a serial port. That my first dummy driver was replaced by a real one:
serial terminal driver. It seems for me that in this state the package can be
placed in eCos CVS (IMHO).

The package's sources are placed under the bitbucket service:


  hg clone
  cd pdcurses4ecos

  ecosconfig new <target>
  ecosconfig add pdcurses

Then import a option the below to build the PDCurses demos

      user_value 1

Change a eCos serial device for PDCurses programs, if it's needed:

      user_value "\"/dev/ser1\""

default is "/dev/ser0".

The PDCurses driver works with a blocking and non-blocking read, but it's
useful to import

      user_value 1


Then just type `make'. All demos should be under install/demos directory.

Note: I tested the package using LE targets only ARM and synthetic Linux
target. src/drivers/serial.c:PDC_check_key() uses macros which are endian
depended. So, I could not test them on BE target.

BTW, there is yet another tiny project which depends on the eCos PDCurses
package on bitbucket. It is a few my tweaks for the GNU Nano Editor:

Nano quite works on synthetic Linux target with ecosynthserial drivers and on
my ARM board. To compile the nano editor for eCos it's needed just to add
packages for default template:

  ecosconfig add fileio ramfs pdcurses

Once again, the PDCurses core itself is just 42K if I build it for ARM target
(ARM mode, !THUMB).


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