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[Bug 1000740] Public Domain Curses for eCos

--- Comment #18 from John Dallaway <>  2009-05-08 15:34:29 ---
(In reply to comment #16)

> > The src/ecos/ code serves as a useful example of how to implement a
> > real-world PDCurses application under eCos but it could be seen as
> > unnecessarily restrictive. Perhaps better to drop CYGBLD_PDCURSES_ECOS,
> > place the src/ecos/ code in a separate examples/ directory within the
> > PDCurses package and provide a simple makefile similar to
> > /opt/ecos/ecos-3.0/examples/Makefile in order to build it.
> It is good idea! Thank you, I will rework the package ASAP, re-test it and let
> you know.


Some minor niggles:

* The ChangeLog, HISTORY, IMPLEMNT and README files should be in the
  "pdcurses/current/" directory.

* Please ensure you have included some comment about the precise PDCurses
  version you have ported. I could not find a version string but I did not
  look very hard.

* The empty "define_proc" in the CDL script can be removed.

* For compatibility with the eCos Configuration Tool, the list of tests in
  CYGPKG_PDCURSES_TESTS should not include the ".c" suffix:

     tests/firework tests/newdemo ...

With the above changes and the change described in comment #15 I think
contribution this will be ready for check-in.

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