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[Bug 1000740] Public Domain Curses for eCos

--- Comment #23 from Sergei Gavrikov <>  2009-05-09 18:12:03 ---
(In reply to comment #22)
> Sergei, I've only just noticed that most of the eCos-specific files have plain
> GPL copyright banner (without the exception clause):
> [jld@cog pdcurses]$ grep -r COPYRIGHTBEGIN *
> current/cdl/pdcurses.cdl:## ####ECOSGPLCOPYRIGHTBEGIN####
> current/ChangeLog:// ####GPLCOPYRIGHTBEGIN####             


> These files must be licensed under the eCos public license as a matter of
> policy and should therefore all use the ECOSGPLCOPYRIGHT banner (as used in
> pdcurses.cdl). Would you like to change the banners in the other 6 files or
> shall I change them on your behalf?

Ups. Of course I kept in mind eCos Public License, usualy I grab the banners
from somewhere inside eCos repository. Never look on the 'shas' insides. Can
you, please, fix the banners properly? May be just replace all by new banners.
If you have no time, I will fix it, yust to point where to get the good
examples for TCL/C/H sources?

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