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Re: ecos for arm qemu is okey

Hi Ricky

ricky wu wrote:

>> 2011/3/25 John Dallaway <>:
>>> Are you interested in contributing your eCos Mini2440 platform port to
>>> the eCos project?
> of course, i am pleasure.


To be clear, your Mini2440 port will be subject to review by the eCos
maintainers, just like any other contribution to the eCos project.

> But, which method i will use.
> Our project is hg repositories and it is newest,
> You can clone it directory.
> Do you need i send a mini2440 package.

We need to be sure that the code you are contributing is precisely
defined. At present, our preferred method is for the contributor to
create a new Bugzilla report at:

Set the "Component" field to "Patches and Contributions". Then attach a
diff file relative to the current eCos project sources which contains
your new port. Something like "diff -r -U5 -N" or the Mercurial equivalent.

You will also need to complete a copyright assignment to the FSF:

It looks like you are the only person who has worked on this port. If
there are others who have contributed, they will all need to assign

Please let me know if anything is not clear.

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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