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[Bug 1001184] Cortex-m arch: hal_intr.h includes var_intr.h too early.

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--- Comment #2 from Sergei Gavrikov <> 2011-04-03 22:03:25 BST ---
(In reply on comment #0)
> Created an attachment (id=1195)
 --> (
> Include var_intr.h after definition of hal_intr.h macros but allows
> In Cortex-M architecture, the header hal_intr.h includes var_intr.h
> twice.  Second one is of course with no effect, but the first one is
> too early.  Namely some macros that are defined in hal_intr.h, such as
> CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_EXTERNAL, are used in hal-intr.h. This doesn't
> seem to show ill effect so far since usage is by other macros.
> Note: The early inclusion of var_intr.h has been introduced by Bug
> 1001090 Attachment 1092 in order to enable overriding of
> CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_RTC by variant/platform.
> The proposed patch includes var_intr.h after definition of hal_intr.h
> macros but also allows overriding of CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_RTC.

Thanks for catch. On my look CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_RTC definition became
misplaced lines via that request (no header, in fact). So, I would shift
down the definition and point on this on CL entry. Certainly, the first
inclusion of the header can be removed safely then.

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