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[Bug 1001107] Support for the STMicroelectronics STR912FAW44 processor (ARM966E-S) and the Propox MMstr912 board

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--- Comment #2 from Jerzy Dyrda <> 2011-04-05 21:59:37 BST ---
(In reply to comment #1)
Hello Jifl,
> I've just found out that your FSF copyright assignment went through.
> Unfortunately the FSF don't always provide us with full details about the
> assignment. For the maintainers' own records, can you confirm if you have an
> employer, and if so, did they sign a copyright disclaimer? 
According to an assignment request form my employer can't claim any kind of
right to my work.

> Can you also confirm whether you completed an "assign.changes" form 
> (which only assigns a list of specific changes), or an "assign.future" form,
> which assigns a specific list of changes, but also assigns any 
> other contributions you make in future, without
> having to fill in another assignment form?
Could you explain me how I can fulfill "assign.future"?

>From my side I describe what I done. According to "eCos Copyright Assignment"
procedure I sent assignment request form to and reply was 8
point agreement called "Assignment - GNU ECOS" sent via mail which I signed and
sent back.

Best regards,

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