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[Bug 1001107] Support for the STMicroelectronics STR912FAW44 processor (ARM966E-S) and the Propox MMstr912 board

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--- Comment #3 from Jonathan Larmour <> 2011-04-05 23:20:38 BST ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> (In reply to comment #1)
> According to an assignment request form my employer can't claim any kind of
> right to my work.

Great, thanks.

> > Can you also confirm whether you completed an "assign.changes" form 
> > (which only assigns a list of specific changes), or an "assign.future" form,
> > which assigns a specific list of changes, but also assigns any 
> > other contributions you make in future, without
> > having to fill in another assignment form?
> Could you explain me how I can fulfill "assign.future"?

What I mean is that the form you were given may have had a name:
"assign.future". If it doesn't, then maybe you can just tell me whether it
assigned just existing changes, or existing _and_ future changes. That way we
know whether it just covers the work you did, or whether we can accept other
contributions from you in the future without filling in a separate copyright



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