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[Bug 1001219] Ethernet driver for STM32 connectivity line with port on MMstm32f107 board.

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--- Comment #57 from Ilija Kocho <> ---

(In reply to comment #56)

Thank you for jumping in.
I just tried some basic tests: nc_test_slave, httpd_sequential and redboot. It
works for me when I apply all 3 patches to current SVN.

Probably no changes to the code for now (see my reply to Jerzy below). However
there's no guaranty :).

(In reply to comment #55)

Please excuse me for delay, I am in the middle of high priority job.

We're almost there, the driver seems ready for check-in. However ChangeLogs for
HAL are missing. Please update ChangeLog entries for all affected HAL packages.
To make it easier and cleaner for me, the patch(es) should be incremental (i.e.
only containing ChangeLog diffs).


> I would like to try this on my STM3240G-EVAL Board. A couple of questions:
> 1) Should it work on this board? Need changes? No chance?
> 2) Do I apply all three patches? Last patch?
> 3) Will there be a new patch near term that it would be better to wait for?
> Once it works on my eval board, I have a LwIP application with SNMP, FTP,
> Telnet from my Kinetis project and I can develop on this board for a while
> to help make sure it is robust.
> Mike

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