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[Bug 1001219] Ethernet driver for STM32 connectivity line with port on MMstm32f107 board.

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--- Comment #60 from Jerzy Dyrda <> ---
Hello Ilija,

(In reply to comment #59)
> I was about to commit but in the last check I noticed something that needs
> explanation.
> The function hal_stm32x0_led(). I assume there is some conflict with
> ethernet. Please explain.
> There must be better solution that deletting 3 leds.
> 1. Make compilation conditional, so LEDS are in use when possible and
> ommitted otherwise.
> 2. Remove this function completely. or replace it with new. (I wouldn't
> reccommend this).
> If above assumption is not correct, there may be other solutions as well.
Sorry I omitted it during checking. This was used by me only for my debug
purpose. Development board, which I used, has only one LED. 
Please skip this change it's absolutely not needed by driver.

Best regards,

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