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[Bug 1001816] New: Allow non const cyg_i2c_device for I2C callback functions.

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            Bug ID: 1001816
           Summary: Allow non const cyg_i2c_device for I2C callback
           Product: eCos
           Version: CVS
            Target: All
  Architecture/Host Other
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: low
         Component: Patches and contributions
            Blocks: 1001397

Created attachment 2178
A patch that allows override of const attribute.

The structure cyg_i2c_bus declares a number of callback functions. Some
functions have an argument of type const cyg_i2c_device*. In some cases ability
to modify cyg_i2c_device may be beneficial so it would be useful to remove
const attribute. The example is Kinetis I2C driver (bug 1001397) that uses
cyg_delay field for caching of frequency divider once it is computed.

The submitted patch provides a possibility for individual driver to override
const attribute.


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