eCosTM User's Guide

The eCos team

Cygnus Solutions

Table of Contents
I. The eCos Configuration Tool
1. Introduction
Invoking the Configuration Tool
Context-Sensitive Help
Graphical Components
2. The Configuration Tool Window
Configuration Pane
Properties Table
Documentation Pane
Output Pane
3. Basic Operations
Configuration Tool Data
The Repository
Consistency Rules
View Settings
Tools Options
Keyboard Accelerators
II. eCos Programming Concepts and Techniques
4. Introduction
5. The component repository and working directories
Component repository
Build tree
Install tree
Application build tree
6. Compiler and linker options
Compiling a C application
Compiling a C++ application
7. Debugging techniques
Kernel instrumentation
III. Configuration and the Package Repository
8. Manual configuration
Directory Tree Structure
Creating the Build Tree
Building the system
Coarse-grained configuration
Fine-grained Configuration
Make flags
Editing the sources
9. Reference for pkgconf.tcl
10. Managing the package repository
Detailed information
IV. Special Topics
11. Real time characterization
How can you use this data?
What's missing?
Measured items
Sample numbers