Welcome to the eCosTM version 1.1 Technology Release.

eCos is an open, configurable, portable, and royalty-free embedded real-time operating system, shipped with complete sources.

This first public distribution of eCos of November 1998 is a technology release. It includes everything you might need to develop embedded applications, including compilers, debuggers, simulators, kernel, and libraries. We consider the system stable and well tested, but our coverage of target platforms, and some areas of functionality will increase as the use of eCos expands. eCos currently supports three architectures: the Matsushita MN10300, the Toshiba TX39, and the PowerPC (PowerPC support is still a beta release). The availability of source code under open source licensing terms, as well as Cygnus's own efforts, should allow a rapid proliferation of new architecture and platform ports.

We are releasing eCos at this point because we want you and other embedded software developers to start using it and to participate in making eCos a better product for the entire embedded software community. Indeed, our long-term plan is that eCos should become a rich, ubiquitous infrastructure for the development of embedded applications. We will achieve this in part by Cygnus's own efforts, but also with the assistance of a community of programmers who collaborate to improve eCos. To this end, we guarantee to you that eCos will always be free. You will have the freedom to use and redistribute eCos, and your enhancements to it. This is because eCos is licensed under an open source license, the Cygnus eCos Public License (CEPL).

Cygnus provides a Web site for all open source projects that it sponsors, and this hosts an area dedicated to the eCos developer community The site contains a rich set of resources including the eCos source code and development tools. In fact everything you need to start developing your own applications using eCos. Complementing the Sourceware site is an eCos product site, featuring news, press releases, details of Cygnus's commercial engineering and support services, and products, and third party partner offerings. This is situated at

If you want to get involved in the ongoing development of eCos you should read the material available on the Sourceware Web page mentioned above, take part in discussions on the mailing lists, and start getting familiar with programming eCos. Then you can contribute in the usual ways — by giving us feedback on how eCos might be made more useful to you, by submitting bug reports, by contributing patches, and by contributing new code.

This is just the beginning of the evolution of eCos and its associated components, and Cygnus is dedicated to its further development and expansion. Among other things, upcoming releases will feature a wider range of architectural ports, further enhancement to the configuration and build system, a comprehensive device driver architecture, JavaTM runtime support, full C++ API support, and further debugging and analysis tools.

Paul Beskeen, Director of Engineering, eCos
October 1998