Getting Started with eCosTM

Version 1.2.1

Table of Contents
Documentation Roadmap
Getting Started with eCos
eCos User’s Guide
eCos Reference Manual
I. Release Notes
1. Notation and conventions
GDB and GCC command notation
Directory and file system conventions
2. Overview of the release
Hardware abstraction
Real-time kernel
µITRON and other operating systems
ISO C library
Serial device drivers
Architectural simulators
Using the simulator
ROM monitor image
Tests and examples
GNU tools and their documentation
eCos documentation
3. Package contents
eCos Sourceware release
eCos Developer’s Kit
4. System Requirements
5. Reporting Problems
6. Test Suites
7. eCos start-up configurations
8. Known limitations in the eCos version 1.2.1 release
Known bugs in eCos
Known bugs in GNUPro
II. Installation Guide
9. Software installation
Software installation on Windows
Software installation on UNIX
10. Hardware setup
MN10300 hardware setup
TX39 hardware setup
PowerPC hardware setup
SPARClite hardware setup
ARM7 PID hardware setup
How to build and install the GDB module on the AEB-1
i386/Linux synthetic target setup
III. Programming Tutorial
11. Programming with eCos
12. Configuring and building eCos from source
Using the Configuration Tool on Windows
Using pkgconf.tcl on UNIX
13. Running an eCos test case
14. Building and running sample applications
eCos hello world
A sample program with two threads
15. More features — clocks and alarm handlers
A sample program with alarms
IV. Appendices
B. The eCos Copyright Assignment Form
How to assign copyright