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Documentation Roadmap

Getting Started with eCos

Release Notes

Description of this release.

Installation Guide

Hardware and software installation instructions, including instructions on how to execute some prebuilt tests to verify the installation.

Programming Tutorial

A tutorial that gets you started running programs with eCos .


Extra information about the licensing terms for eCos .

eCos User's Guide

The eCos Configuration Tool

A description of all features of the Configuration Tool.

Programming concepts and techniques

An explanation of the eCos programming cycle, and a description of some debugging facilities that eCos offers.

Configuration and the Package Repository

Information on how to configure eCos manually, including a reference on the ecosconfig command, memory layouts, and information on how to manage a package repository using the eCos Package Administration Tool .

eCos Reference Manual


An overview of the eCos kernel and configurability system.

Kernel APIs

In-depth description of eCos 's native C kernel API, the µ ITRON API, the ISO standard C library, and the eCos Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). Important considerations are given for programming the eCos kernel. The semantics for each kernel function are described, including how they are affected by configuration.

eCos Device Drivers

A description of the philosophy behind eCos device drivers, as well as a presentation of the C language API for using the current device drivers.

The ISO Standard C and Math Libraries

eCos comes with an implementation of the ISO C library specification. This section gives details about the implementation, lists the few functions that are not yet implemented, and gives a complete reference for configuring the C library.

Documentation Roadmap

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