Reporting Problems

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Reporting Problems

Reporting bugs and other problems is very important: it allows Red Hat to solve your problem quickly, and improves the eCos product. The effort you make in reporting problems is appreciated.

To submit a problem report, please use the web interface. If you have a CD distribution of the eCos Developer's Kit, you should use the address:

You will need a login name and an ID, provided by your administrator.

If you are using the eCos Net release you should use the address

Known Bugs in eCos and GNUPro

Before filing and bug reports, however, please read the README provided with this release. It describes known problems and possible workarounds in eCos or with the GNUPro Toolkit . The file is at the base of the distribution.

How to Report Problems

For documentation discussing the means to report on, edit and query problems, see the following Accessing Red Hat Web Support to report problems , or Additional options in this chapter.

This documentation serves only as a guide and it is not meant to supercede the Help documentation on the Web Support site. We have tried to make our software as trouble-free as possible. If you do encounter problems, we'd like to diagnose and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Accessing Red Hat Web Support to Report Problems

If you have a CD distribution, use the following instructions to access the Red Hat Support website.

Access the Welcome page at any time by using the Welcome link (in the navigation bar on the left side of each Web Support page).

If you have the CD distribution, your details will have been entered in the database, and will be displayed on the Welcome page. If you wish to alter these details, select the Profile link in the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Submitting a Support Request

Use the following instructions to submit a support request, once you have a valid ID established.

The New Case page allows you to complete the creation of a new case. If there is more than one site, select the site relating to your problem.

Each customer has a valid list of parts of Red Hat products for which they can submit problem reports. These components are part of the Web Support database.

Use the scrollbars to scroll text in this field. You can add up to 30 kilobytes of text in this field.

After you create your case, the Case Details page displays, which includes the Case ID number that the support database assigns to your case.

To create a new case for a different site and/or part, click the New Case link in the navigation bar; then use the previous instructions.

Additional Options

The following documentation discusses the other features for the Red Hat Web Support site. Red Hat has a database to help in determining when problems developed, tracking the problems case from their first report through analysis and resolution. The database can also be used for correlation with other products as well as to other related problems.

You may examine problem cases in the Red Hat Web Support database, searching by solution ID or by entering keywords and/or a key phrase. There are options on this page enabling you to control how your search works.

At this point, view a problem case's details, check its status, add notes or close a problem.

Updating your profile

Clicking on Profile allows you to enter the following details.

Reporting Problems

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